NHTV Businesess successful at Starterslift conference.

On 3 March Starterslift celebrated its 10th anniversary. For this occasion a large-scale conference was organised.

The conference started with stories of past participants. Afterwards they continued in the eXpo. Here, discussions were held about the experiences of the start-ups and also their products were shown.

During the conference guests were able to award points to the highest-potential start-ups. Among the five winners were two NHTV companies, i.e. JAM@NHTV and Atlantis Games!

JAM@NHTV is the latest NHTV BV, a joint venture between NHTV and the start-up JAMwerkt.nl. JAM@NHTV is a student agency in the form of an online work platform, with the aim to give NHTV students study focused work experience in the sector they want to work in later. For companies it is a kind of Booking.com for hiring motivated students with knowledge of the sector. From 1 May on the work of JAM@NHTV will start, visit www.jam-nhtv.nl for a sneak preview.

Atlantis Games was at the fair with a built virtual world, that they hosted in cooperation with the Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility. This virtual world is built by the Municipality of Breda to virtually test new bike paths. Sitting on a bicycle with an Oculus Rift on, you can cycle on the trails of Breda.

Starterslift has also written a report on their conference. Click here to read it (in Dutch).

Source: NHTV Business, NHTV Insight