NHTV and Atlantis Games BV develop innovative business game

Students of NHTV Academy for Leisure will soon be able to run their own concert hall, pop centre or theatre. In conjunction with Atlantis Games BV, a business game will be worked at that will be launched and applied in our courses as of May 2017. Students will get to know the industry by means of a fictitious virtual situation. The game can be played in every desired (fictitious) organisation and sector.

Let the game begin
Students will be working at organising and running a fictitious leisure location such as a pop centre by means of this game. What artists would you schedule? Why would you make this choice and how do you see to an audience coming to watch them perform? How many drinks would you order and would you need any security staff? When playing this game, students can earn points if they meet the preconditions. However, they will be penalised if they make the ‘wrong’ choices. With this form of gamification, students will be developing a feeling for the leisure industry.

If you would like to know more about developing business games, do not hesitate to contact Frank Zijlmans. (fzijlmans@atlantisgames.nl)


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